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Updated: Jan 26

Atthis stage of humanities evolution much is changing with regard to awareness of human life purpose and communication. The illusion of separation and detachment is now over and an awakening to the truth is upon Mother Earth.

Through this awakening our senses are becoming more acute and our ability to know and understand our ‘truth’ is being revealed. We are now able to communicate with others from the upper realms such as Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Beings. These ‘wise ones’ offer their wisdom, healing and guidance and we only need to ask to receive these gifts. Because our heart centres have been opened and expanded we are now able to use the facility of ‘Heartsense’.

Thus seeing and sensing the truth and love in ourselves and others. This sensing is available to all but those of a sensitive nature are able to access and use this more readily. This is a learning and practicing procedure and the more we are able to experience this new way the easier it will become to transmit this loving energy to ourselves and others. By sharing and generating this love frequency we can assist in awakening and guiding others.

Anya Rose


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